Diesel Duck 382

Diesel Duck 382
Diesel Duck 382 with the "get home" steadying sails up.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Measure twice.....

When building any structure layout may be the most important part. Trying to take accurate measurements over long distances is not going to cut it with a 12' tape measure. A 100' surveyors tape measure and a quality 25' construction tape measure are essential.  I used non stretch masonary string lines and heavy rebar stakes to lay out the foot print of my build. I used a helper to take careful measurements and adjusted as necessary. Frequent diagonal measurements will confirm the lay out is square.  The goal is perfection but that is difficult to accomplish for the amateur without a laser setup. I was happy to be within 5/8" of square over the 45' length of the knee walls. 
I used spray paint to mark the ground below the string lines. This allowed me to remove the strings and allow my contractor with the bobcat to clear right up to the painted lines without interfering with his work. In my case it was more expensive to rent a bobcat and have it delivered then to hire someone. The added benefit of having a pro make quick work of it along with the appropriate surveying equipment to ensure a level site was money well spent. 
Here is a picture of what I'm trying for in my finished product. This build used grifolyn as the covering material. That's an industrial waterproof underlayment typicaly used in below grade construction projects. It's expensive but I'll consider it. 
Ok next time I'll actually get to the arch pictures. I had to do a quick post to check out my new blogger app!

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